Why StepCharge?

StepCharge® Insoles

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Our promise

No matter how long is your trip,
with Stepcharge you will be independent from your power plug!
Multiple Layers of Comfort
Extra cushioning for your longest hikes

Each insole is developed for ultimate comfort using multiple layers of memory foam material and a silicone heel cup.
The skin-friendly and anatomically shaped surface creates a soft cushion for the foot.

Flexible and Durable
Tested on millions of steps. Made to last

We assure 2 years guarantee.
Our technology is based on smart materials which are embedded in the tip and heel.
Therefore, flexibility and bend of the insole are not compromised.

Custom Fit
Fit all types of shoes

Stepcharge insoles have been tested to fit the most popular brands of hiking boots.
Tell us your shoes' brand and foot size and we will trim the insole to perfectly fit your foot and shoe.

Safety First
No wires involved. 100% Waterproof

The battery and the insole have passed the tests that make Stepcharge insoles fully reliable in the harshest outdoor conditions. Both USB and Micro-USB sockets are
100% waterproof. 

Size: EU (35-48), US (4-15), UK (2-14.5)
Choose your shoe size and we will trim Stepcharge insoles for you!
(Light) Weight: 150g per insole - Dimensions (max): 35cm x 11cm x 1 cm
Insole Materials: Anti-microbial fabric, Memory foam, Silicon gel, EVA
Battery Info: 1500 mAh Lithium Ion, Micro-B and USB sockets
1 battery per insole. Total 2 batteries
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
2 Years Warranty


Being hikers ourselves, we know how important is to have insoles that perfectly fit our gear.

Therefore, we decided to customize Stepcharge insoles based on your needs.
We retrieved data on the inner space of the most popular hiking boots.
What you need to do is to tell us your shoe brand/model and its size and we will trim the insoles for you. Isn't that nice?

Stepcharge insoles have been designed for comfort.
We sorrounded the battery case with several layers of memory foam material and a silicon gel pad for extra cushioning.

Although Stepcharge insoles are waterproof, we do not recommend to expose them to water for long periods.
We carefully chose durable materials and we tested them with millions of steps.
When Stepcharge insoles are used normally and kept in proper conditions (e.g. let them dry after long hikes, not forgotten under the rain) can last for several years.
We provide 2 years warranty. 

We believe in a world where people can easily use the energy of their bodies to charge their devices.

We are working to develop a technology that allows people to charge their devices without removing the battery from the insole.

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